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Wow ! Amazing “Spider Net Rice Field” in Flores, The One and Only in the World

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Wonderful Lodok, a rice field in form of spider net in East Nusa Tenggara 


RUTENG, METROTIMOR.COM– In the West of Flores island, precisely, in Meler village, Ruteng Subdistrict, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara province (NTT), lies a huge beautiful and unique nature that has high aesthetic and historical value which also becomes an ancestors heritage in the past.

Charm of its nature’s beauty and its cultural uniqueness of this ricefield that lies in 1.500 ha and 1000 Mdpl high, which its very unique giant spider net, hipnotizes all people in the world. Some how, its form and agricultural system has been acknowlegded by many people as the one and only in the whole world.

The chairman of Tourism Department of East Nusa Tenggara province, Marius Ardu Jelamu, explained to this media that land dividing system done by Manggaraian ancestors had lined land deviding system in the form of Lodok with zero point is in the center of land that would be devided to community.

Matthew Clark, Fernanda Pala and friends, pose on the top of Cancar hill

” Its pattern is done by drawing a long line from the center (Lodok) to the outer place/land (Cicing) with Lodok’s feature pattern, that is, small inside and big outside. Or,its formation is like spider net,” he explained.

According to Marius, the authority to devide communal land was on the power of Tu’a Teno. So, in the beginning of this activity, it must be done a small rite’ Tente Teno’ or plug Teno tree in Lodok epicenter point. Goat blood is poured onto Teno wood as a customary symbol of endorsement culturally.

“Because of this ancestors heritage, so this giant spider net paddy field will be maintained and preserved by Manggaraian,” said Marius.

Thousands of stairs to the top of Cancar hill.

In order to get the best view, visitor must climb the stairs of Cara Cancar hill, or must climb the hill from Meler village to get sense of Lodok paddy field.

Matthew Clark, an England tourist who was met by metro in the top of Cara Cancar hill, said that he was amazed with the charm of giant spider net rice field in Flores.

” This is the first time for me to be here. I love this place. This place is unique and natural. Beside that, the people are friendly, even though our language is different. I love Indonesia, i love Flores,” said Matthew.

Accordinglly with him, an Italian beautiful tourist, Fernanda Pala said the same idea. She was fascinated to the uniqueness and the beauty of this tourism object , Lodok paddy field, in her opinion that there was not in the world, except here.

Fernanda Pala, Matthew Clark and friends

“I love Indonesia. The people are so friendly. Its nature is beautiful. The place is unique, i will ask my friends to visit and come back here, ” said Fernanda.

Both of these different country tourists with their friends from India and America, were really enjoyed the panorama on the Cara Cancar hill. Especially, rice field in the form of spider net from the hill.

Besides that, a tourist guide from Meler Village, Tris Udal, said that although the area did not get attention from Tourism Department yet, however this place was always be visited by many tourists, both local and international.

“In the morning, usually many foreigners come to visit, but in the afternoon, most of tourist who come here are from Java, ” Said Tris with inocent face.

If you are an admirer of beauty, spend your time and your money to enjoy the beauty of spider net paddy field which is only 15 km distance from Ruteng city. (Nyongky).

Panorama on the top of the hill

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